IUCAA Digital Sampler Array Controller (IDSAC) will have all the resources to run a mosaic or independent CCDs. It’s fully scalable, configurable and adaptable system for widely used astronomical CCDs.

The modular controller having multiple Single Board Controller Cards (SBCs) sitting on Backplane Card/Cards. Each SBC is able to run a CCD having four single ended or differential output, with or without AC couplers and video preamps located near CCD. Following are some of the most important features:

  • All the SBCs are interchangeable without any configuration.

  • Each SBC will be connected a host PC via a USB2.0 interface over copper or fiber for control and data transfer.

  • Four Channel Digital Correlated Double Sampling having 10 MSPS 16 bit ADC, giving throughput of 1 MPixles/Sec per Channel.

  • FPGA Based (Xilinx-Vertex 5) controller and data acquisition system

  • On the fly configurable clock drivers and bias generation to cater variety of detectors.

  • All Input output connections except USB is from Backplane card.