iROBOAO optical layout

IUCAA Robotic Adaptive Optics System (iRobo-AO) is Indian version of robotic autonomous laser system adaptive optics system in visible and infrared band. This will be commissioned at IUCAA Girawali Observatory, 2m telescope. This version of Robo-AO is designed specially for Altitude-azimuth telescope.

It contains:

    (a) Autonomous Laser system : To produce laser guide star,
    (b) Internal telescope simulator: For laboratory calibration with both option natural guide star and laser guide star focus,
    (c) Wavefront Sensing Arm: For high order wavefront phase error sensing with shack-hartmann wavefront sensor in UV (355nm).
    (d) Science (for science observation) arm,
    (e) Tip-tilt correction arm (to correct overall atmospheric tilt),
    (f) MEMS based Deformable mirror for wavefront correction, Atmospheric dispersion corrector a pair of oppositely rotating prism.

Science and Tip-tilt arms are in visible and infrared red band. When science observation is done in IR then tiptilt correction is done in visible and viceversa. iRobo-AO system will correct atmospheric turbulence effect in real time in close loop and will achieve better Strehl Ratio and spot size.