FP layoutIn order to enhance the observational capabilities of 2 m telescope at IUCAA Girawali Observatory, an Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer (IFPS) is currently under development.


The planned IGO-FP covers a wavelength range of 400-800 nm with a set of several pre-filters for isolating the emission lines of interest defined by the science drivers. The spectral resolving power is ~ 8000 @ 600 nm (spectral resolution of 0.072 nm and velocity resolution of ~36 km/s). The background limited sensitivity for extended source should be of the order of 2.5 × 10−17ergs/sec/cm2/°A/sq. arc-sec, relevant to IGO sky.

IFPS is well suited for velocity field mapping in extended sources in a given spectral emission line as well as in imaging of an extended region in a particular emission lines for the background can be subtracted by tuning the IFPS off the line. An off-shoot of this capability is in obtaining ratio maps of emission lines for understanding the emission mechanism or in some cases for knowing the extinction variation. The dynamics of an extended sources (e.g. planetary nebula etc.) can be well understood with this technique.