IUCAA Giravali Observatory (80 kms from IUCAA) has a 2-meter optical telescope with a workhorse imaging spectrometer IFOSC which has been in extensive use for past few years. This instrument has the capability for imaging in various bands (U, B, V, R, I etc with band-pass filters) and also perform spectroscopy (with grisms and echelle grisms etc) in these bands. It has a CCD with 2048X2048 pixels with 13.5ยต size each. Further it can also do polarimetric and spectro-polarimetric measurements in these optical bands. This instrument is placed at the Cassegrain focus and renders a field-of-view (fov) of about 11 square arc-min in the sky.

More details are available at: http://www.iucaa.ernet.in/~itp/

The following links provide details on various back-end instruments which go with the IGO 2-meter telescope